Topics for B.Sc. - Theses

Academic Qualifications 

Dual Arm Robot for LC-Support


- Familiarization with existing automation system with dual arm robot SDA10F

- programming of required robot jobs for sample transport (robot controller)

- programming / modification of required modules in robot interface
- generation of SAMI processes for testing transportation tasks
- statistical evaluation of the tests


Skills / Knowledge required: 

very good knowledge of programming in C# (experienced programmer)


Supervisors:  Prof. Kerstin Thurow, Prof. Heidi Fleischer

assigned to: available

Automated Robot Accessible Autosampler Door 


- evaluation of possible concepts for automatic door opening for autosampler hood
- selection of suitable components for electrical door actuation as well as sensors for identifying the door status (closed / open)
- CAD design of complete door unit
- realization of automated door unit
- testing and evaluation of automated door unit

Skills / Knowledge required: 

good previous knowledge and practical experience in sensors and actuators

basic knowledge in CAD (SolidWorks)

Basic Knowledge in Windows Programming



Supervisor:  Dr. Thormas Roddelkopf / Prof. Kerstin Thurow

Status: available

Interface Robotics in Analytical Laboratories


- Installation and programming of a UR5 robot (Universal Robots)

- Implementation of UR5 with transfer station for mobile robots
- Implementation of UR5 with autosampler ICP/MS
- programming / testing test application


Skills / Knowledge required: 

programming C++, real-time programming, handling software repositories SVN / GIT


Supervisors:  Dr. Thomas Roddelkopf / Prof. Kerstin Thurow

assigned to:  available

Practical Training "Optical Sensors - Basics of Spectroscopy"


- familiarization with existing practical training (tasks and experimental setup)

- written description of the theoretical basics

- experimental setup, testing, recording of measurement data, data evaluation, and result discussion

- creation of a new task teaching the fundamentals of spectroscopy using Agilent HPLC/AD or HPLC/WLD

- creation of a student version of the instructions for the practical training as well as a sample solution with measurement values and complete data evaluation in MS word according to template provided


Skills / Knowledge required: 

creativity, basic knowledge in electrical engineering and sensor technology, interest in analytical measuring instruments



Supervisor:  Prof. Heidi Fleischer

Assigned to: K. Behrendt